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Taj Mahal, Agra IndiaIndia or bust


Tour of India with YogaAmy that is coming up in October 2014 is a journey of tapping in to your spiritual self.   I will be leading morning and evening yoga practices with fabulous tourist visits during the day.  We will be doing yoga outside and enjoying the morning sounds of birds, evening practice will be at the hotel.

May 2013 I spent almost 14 days in India with a tour of college students who are getting their Masters in Business degree from Wake Forest University.   I knew going in, that being a college hosted program the tour had to be up to my standards and that I would be the second oldest person on the tour.  (LOL)

Well it did not disappoint!   

I have been drawn to all things Asian for whatever reason; feng shui, yoga, Ayurveda, calligraphy.   My blood type is B which is an Asian influence – funny how that works out!

Why go to an area where it is poverty stricken?  Even after walking through a slum, I have never been so impressed with a sense of commerce, smiles of the children and so many beautiful colors!

The arrival into Delhi will provide us with beautiful sights and sounds.  The energy is so alive in the area and the direct flight from East Coast into Delhi will be perfect.  Our body clocks will be off, but the sights and sounds will awaken your heart!

I was so drawn to the colors; colors everywhere and smiles from all!   You can’t help to be happy when in India!

If you have an interest in more of the itinerary of the  Tour of India with Yoga Amy – click here to review the days events.   If you want to join me – sign up to get your spot reserved!

I look forward to sharing this experience with you and seeing your eyes light up with all the excitement!


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