Emotional breakdowns

Being Vulnerable During Your Practice

emotional breakdownsAs I am watching this season of Dancing with the Stars, it is at the point in the competition where everyone is having emotional breakdowns.  I see how the professional dancers deal with the “actors” in these emotional breakdowns.  So much starts going through the mind when you experience a challenge and instead of opening up to the emotional flood immediately we are trained to stuff it all down and deal with it later and not be vulnerable.

The same holds true as a yoga instructor (as a professional dance teacher).   For 16 years now I have been teaching yoga and having to set boundaries with students who are having those emotional issues is important.  It is about having a professional relationship between student and teacher.  When I had my yoga studio I had interviewed a variety of therapists and had their cards at my studio space as referrals.   It is not that we don’t care, we care deeply and want you to find your strength in that weakest moment.  Be vulnerable.

Each time the yoga mat rolls out, your body is different than the last time you rolled it out.   Physical body and stress have a HUGE impact on your mental and physical self.  Spiritual self has a tendency to shut down or become numb to situations.

Hip postures have the biggest impact in our yoga practice.  Hips = jaw tension/stress.   If you are in a yoga pose and you are grinding your teeth it has to deal with the tightness in your hips.   So become fully aware of what is going on in a pose.  Breathe through whatever is going on in your body, mind and open your heart to the experience instead of shutting down.

The experience in the pose is about the awakening – TA-DA you are breathing, balancing, strengthening, floating and in the pose 100%!

High 5!

After class you get to your car (without looking at your phone) and you realize that struggle you had with a family member, friend or co-worker was not worth the anxiety and fear that you had when you went into your yoga practice.

You rocked the pose, you have confidence and you are strong mentally and awakened spiritually.

Then you cry, with no warning.   Yep bawling like a baby while in your car, uncontrollably crying.   Then you feel AWESOME and life moves on.

Congrats!  You just experienced what the spirit, mind and body connection is all about!

Enjoy some yoga classes online at your own schedule and make sure you honor yourself to the fullest!


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  1. These recent posts have been great. Aimée and I sure do miss your Yin class. Hope life is well with you

    Aimée & Jason Young

    • Amy Stephens says:

      Miss seeing you guys too! Check out my classes online, with your little ones you can do yoga at home when it works for you. Or come visit me at floo-id YOGA across the street from where I use to be.

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