What I LOVE about Yoga

What I LOVE about Yoga

There are so many things that I love about teaching yoga and doing yoga over the last 16 years…

I LOVE the feeling at the end of class where you are “floaty” and calm and just noticing the quietness of breath.

I LOVE the fact that as a teacher people show up to take my classes and for those beginners, you are the best because you truly SHOWED UP!  That is the hardest part of yoga – taking the chance to try it out.

So many people say; oh I want to do yoga but I can’t touch my toes.  I don’t care if you can’t sit on the floor.  You are SHOWING UP!   Take the chance to try something new and experience that amazing feeling at the end of class.  Eventually you will obtain “Madonna arms” – as so many have requested in the past.

Cuz sometimes you just need to make this face!

Cuz sometimes you just need to make this face!

I LOVE feeling the presence of my breath and knowing that I am still alive and well.

I LOVE when people smile at the end of class to each other and just pause before leaving the space.  Connecting in to one another – after all we all just shared the same space and breath; why not connect visually to one another and say with your eyes Thank You for sharing your practice with me.

I LOVE how my body eliminates the toxic crap after class!!   (I won’t go into these details, but some of you know I burp quite a bit and hey sometimes the other end makes noise too!)

I LOVE that I can make someone smile! (Per photo to the left)

I LOVE that people sign up for my online yoga classes and do yoga with me on their schedule and that I can “share” in their vacations and make that experience more enjoyable as well.

I LOVE when someone has the “a-ha moment” and feel totally connected to their breath, Source and body.

I LOVE that you are reading this and now giggling to yourself!

Check out for more details on the variety of yoga classes.  10 days free and monthly fee after that.  Get up and do it!  You know you want to!

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