Types of Yoga Amy Online Classes

Types of Yoga Amy Online Classes

Types of Yoga Amy Online Classes offer a variety of styles or types of yoga formats.   I am often asked what are the differences between them.

So here is the low-down on my classes from easy to hard:

Relaxation classes are to provide you the opportunity to meditate or  if you have problems falling asleep these videos will allow you the opportunity to rest.

Legs up the wallRestorative Yoga is the easiest style of yoga.  You will use yoga props to support your body while on the ground.  This is a very relaxing format and meditative.  I encourage you to have some soft music that you can relax with and enjoy the resting postures that help you rejuvenate.  Many of the postures are held between 8-15 minutes.

Yin Yoga is a step up from restorative.  Majority postures are on the floor, however they are a deeper stretch and you ease into them to take the stretch deeper.  Many of the postures are held between 5-10 minutes each and you feel AWESOME when you finish the practice.

Chair Yoga are postures done in a chair, some are for the therapeutics aspect and others are for the office space.  Many of my clients want to do yoga but can’t get their balance or can’t sit on the ground.  So I created a series of chair yoga classes and some of these videos also have someone on the floor in case if someone has more mobility and need the combination of chair and floor use.

Hatha Yoga are the traditional postures.  “Ha” means Sun and “tha” means Moon so these postures are the Triangle Posecombination of heating and cooling physical postures,  where you align body correctly and get into the postures then hold them feel length of muscles and opening of joints and BAM then strength is developed.

Flow Practice is a combination of postures where you move with breath from one pose to another and this is more  of an advanced practice not for the novice.   This gets you warm much faster and you develop flexibility and strength much faster.  Again, these classes should be done after viewing the “how-to” classes or after doing several Hatha classes.   Get your foundation of names of postures first and then get ready to flow!

Hope you enjoy the process of meditation, connection to Source and physical aspect. Subscribe to and if you have further questions please feel free to email me directly,

Namaste (I bow to the space within you where we are all one)

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