Cough during yoga practice – is that normal?

Feel a Cough coming on during Yoga Practice

tickle in throatI had a student ask me the other day after class, Is it normal to feel like I need to cough during yoga?

My response was – sometimes depending on what you need to say, either to yourself or to others.

The throat is your 5th Chakra (energy center) and this is the voice/words we say to ourselves and to others.  If we are constantly swallowing or coughing or have the tickle like we need to cough that is the activation of this energy center.

I told her next time as we work through some of the Restorative postures to tune in to a word that represents how she felt in that moment.   It is about awareness in that moment instead of resisting the cough and not resting into the pose.  Cough let it out and then come back to breath.

Some yoga postures are more energetic than others in that sense.

For instance, we carry emotions in our hips – how tight are your hips and what are you holding onto emotional wise?

Do you ever feel the urge to cry after or during a yoga practice?   If so don’t hold it in, release the emotion and let yourself cleanse of that “thing” you are carrying or holding onto.

It is YOUR practice first and foremost!  PLEASE remember that – no matter what your style you are practicing it is about growth and transformation each time you unroll the mat.

Let yourself feel what is going on in that specific pose without over analyzing.  It is an awesome journey so jump aboard and feel the release!

EXERCISE:  As you drift off to sleep, take a long slow breath in count it 1 — 2 — 3 — 4 —   Pause….  then count it out 4 — 3 — 2 — 1 — Pause and repeat.    If you have a hard time sleeping continue this pattern or say; breathing in love, breathing out love.   Or breathing in peacefulness, breathing out peacefulness.   Find your mantra.  Go with the rhythm of your breath and if you need an answer to a question about life – ask it in that state of calm and by morning you will know the answer.

If you really struggle getting to sleep on your own – sign up to classes and log in for a restorative class or future meditations listed.

Be well – Be happy – Be free!

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