Whistler, British Columbia Canada

Whistler, British Columbia Canada

Expectations SUCK!

Over the last 40 years of my life I have come to realize that I have expectations of myself and others.  I think it comes from the expectations that my parents had of me growing up.  Have this type of grade, have this type of friend, run fast, shoot the ball, take up roller skating, play piano, don’t talk back (or I will put soap in your mouth).

Go snow skiing at one of the highest mountains in North America (thinking you are still 15 and can do it with no problem! Damn skippy I did – with a mild panic attack on my way down and huge laughter after that)

It is interesting how you begin to note the changes in your life as you start to awaken Spirit.

My life has been a quiet one and I do get overwhelmed in large groups in a public setting for personal reasons. However, you want me to stand in front a large group and give a presentation or teach a yoga class or plan a huge event and then call everyone together.  OK – DONE!

It is interesting the expectation I have of myself as well, and the expectations my friends have of me.  The expectation a new student has coming into a yoga class, of themselves and me as the teacher.

What I am learning is — JUST SHOW UP!  Be present to what you experience in the moment, not how it was with someone else, or how you think you need to feel later or what if I have guilt for doing something different.

Life is yours and yours alone to enjoy; if you don’t like my class or my way of life that is your opinion.    If judgement gets in the way of either party then we are not a good fit.   Be true to yourself first – ALWAYS!    Take ownership for your words, actions and allow your heart to guide you.

Be aware of what you say to others and find words of kindness to share with yourself first then to others.

I noticed recently in Facebook land a challenge – 30 days of no complaining.

That got me pondering about my own life and those that I surround myself with.   How would conversations go?  How would someone react if I asked them to not complain?   How would you feel if someone asked you to not complain?

However I am noticing that several of my friends are having Life Changes – parents passing away, dealing with a divorce, stress of job or children going off to college.   However, to vent vs complain is something you have to watch.  If you vent and vent and vent about the same stuff then as the friend that becomes complaining.  So ponder on that the next time you chat it up with a friend.  Otherwise they will move on and leave you behind.

When you start to Expect extra from a friend, child or co-worker; ponder is it about them or you?

Be well and live it up – go do some yoga with and get your sense of purpose flowing!


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