New Year, New You! Resolutions vs. ReSOULutions!

Resolve to Evolve!  Resolutions vs. ReSOULutions!

happy-new-yearNew Year Resolutions is not something I “feel”.  I don’t go along with the masses on this one, or a lot of things for that matter.   There are too many things I like, and yes not all are always the best for me.

What I feel at the New Year is a time of reflection on what worked the year before and what didn’t. What was learned and what outcomes were revealed.  What does your SOUL say to you?   Can you get out of your own way to be able to hear what it says?  

A few of my reSOULutions:

  • Waking up and noticing that great warmth of breath is amazing!  (because otherwise I would be dead)
  • The listening to my intuition is a great feeling of being guided on my path.
  • Watching my words to myself and others.  (Yes I am opinionated but I try to come from a space of compassion)
  • Feel continued guidance from Source!  (less fear, more love)
  • Continuing Education on topics I LOVE!

NY resolutions same for different yearAs you move forward into your new year, look back to a few of your reSOULutions from 2014 and then reflect back on 2013 on what is repeating in your life.  Is something triggering you on fear?   Is a word or someone’s face pissing you off?

Does your SOUL guide you and you just push it aside and think that can’t be right!  What great outcome do I get from that result?!?

This time last year I had a conversation with a friend who put me down on my “goals” for 2014.   In a year I have learned a lot and found that I need a better support system.  She was a great, fabulous, HUGE support during a 20 year friendship that dealt mainly with my parents divorce, personal relationships and career.   I realized that her support could no longer be helpful to a future friendship.  Do I miss her, hell yeah!  But could we go back and resolve to evolve?   I am not sure.   It couldn’t go back to the way it was, but I will always remember the awesomeness we had of 20 years!

It is great however, the lessons that are always learned from a heartbreaking situation.   Sure it is called heart-breaking for a reason; a part of your heart is not as “whole” as it once was, but it does get filled up again with the nurturing love of Self first.

I posted another article recently from Higher Perspective, that was talking about Reincarnation and it really provided some new insight for me as well.    That  isolation is OK and that  intuition is something that I really find helpful in reading people for the first time.   (I keep wondering how many times I need to bite my tongue however)    Would you want to know straight off that your spouse was having an affair?  Yeah probably not.  Thus I bite my tongue.

Well ladies and gents … 2015 has arrived and maybe we shall see what Back To The Future has to say about it as well…  with peace and much love enjoy your time on this Earth …. moment by moment!

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All my best to you (and your SOUL!)   Go smile to a stranger would ya!

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