Yoga for your Heart

Yoga for your Heart

2015-02-14 19.38.31As we wind down Valentine’s and a time full of love, I am pondering why does one day out of the year have to promote more love than any other day?

We are each to be filled with love and a time to create awareness on a daily basis and to assist in Self- Love and Compassion toward all.  Life is full of lessons and one that I have enjoyed getting reacquainted with is compassion toward Self.

Most of my 30’s I was in survival mode – getting bills paid, enjoying the “extra things” and providing fabulous meals for family and friends.  I enjoy sharing my meals with others and allow them to feel the love that I put into the meal.  It is very healing and nurturing for me to cook and to share.

Along with Valentine’s Day the month of February is noted to be about Heart Health.  I have gone back into Healing Touch after a 12 year hiatus and I now realize that I have missed it so much!  Healing Touch is an amazing way to channel Divine Source to create balance for the receiver and giver.   My Level 3 training was earlier this month and I have been practicing on family and friends and preparing for my Level 4 training later this year.   (If you are interested in a session let me know,  I am even playing with them “long distance”.

It has been a huge eye-opener to me to tap back into energy work and to realign with Divine.  Becoming aware of signs, smells and heat through my hands has been amazing to me and to my guests.   So many new lessons being learned on this path!

Instead of thinking of 1 day of “love” to be shared – I would like you to think of each day as a way to share your LOVE.  Smile at a stranger, truly listen to your friend (instead of being on a cell phone), and connect to a higher level with your family.  Life is short people, things change in a blink of an eye and you get one chance at making your life what you want.

Creating change is hard, but when you truly listen to your heart, intuition, God, Source … whatever you want to call it … but when you truly listen — holy crap — it is amazing to see what shows up to provide you clarity.

If you are in your head all the time you can’t see … you can’t even see your hand or your face in the mirror.  You don’t connect to your body, you can’t connect to your breath or to Divine.    Time to WAKE UP!  Be true to you!


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