Yoga Ithaka – testimonial from a student

“Have Ithaka always in your mind,

Your arrival there is what you are destined for.

But don’t in the least hurry the journey.

Better it last for years”………Cavafy



Jayne before & after TriangleMy yoga Ithaka began a year ago.  Upon urging by a friend, a 15 year Yogi, I reluctantly agreed to try it.  To say I had preconceptions is an understatement.  I believed twisting my 5’10” body into Gumby positions would end my entry into the world of yoga at once.  I wouldn’t like it.  I didn’t want to chant.  I put my inner dialogue on the proverbial shelf and mimicked my Yogi pal.  I placed my mat against the wall, a Mexican blanket and towel next to my mat along with two rectanglular blocks.  I then proceeded to lie down and place my legs up the wall……a bookend to my yogi pal.  I grimaced while my hamstrings screamed “back off!”

A calm, smiling woman with a velvet voice entered the serene yoga studio.  Her named was Amy.  I was on my way to Ithaka.  Slowly and deliberately we began to “wake up” our limbs, “massage” our lower backs, stretch and twist, with comfort, the places that have become taut and inflexible.  And along the way, I discovered the incremental joys of reconnecting my soul and my inner chatter with breathing and stretching.  My body was beginning to gently warm and cooperate.  To my utter amazement I craved more.

Amy is a gentle guide.  Her words and velvet voice take you on your way to Ithaka.  The journey, not the destination, is the purpose.  You do not know what off road places Amy will take you as she enters the room.  That is your Ithaka.  Pay attention!  You anticipate discovery, stillness and connection to something inside you weren’t aware has been craving your attention for too long.  In Savasana you have arrived.  Close your eyes.  Rest now.

“Ithaca has given you the beautiful voyage.

Without her you would never have taken the road.”


A note from Yoga Amy …

Jayne has been an amazing student to watch come from a space of wobbly ankles and so wanting to make the teacher proud – to now a space of self-confidence, flexibility and strength.  She has taken great pride in her journey and I see her smiling so much and the shine from her eyes definitely comes from her heart.

Universe, sweet Universe, thank you for putting each student in my path; to learn from, to laugh with and to make me proud.  We are all interconnected and strong!  Feel the thread of beautiful breath guiding each of us together in a space of joy!

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