Call In Your Angels – You are NOT Alone!

Angels Angels Everywhere… You are NOT Alone!

Recently I have been calling in my Angels for support and been reviewing my favorite book (shown above) to give me better guidance in this thing we call Life!   When I do my healing touch sessions I call upon God first, and Archangel Michael to help provide support and protection in the room, so my client can rest and allow the healing to be very comforting.  I also call upon my own guide, Archangel Raphael, to be his charismatic self in the healing session and it is amazing when he steps up I feel energy in my arms, like I am gently rocking the individual and they don’t always feel it.

When you become alert to energy that surrounds you and take notice of that feeling; you become more in tune to what direction you need to take.  Learning to quiet the “mind chatter” is a difficult thing.

With the recent loss of income, I have been calling up Abundantia; a beautiful Goddess of success and prosperity.   In Doreen Virtue’s book Archangels & Ascended Masters she provides a prayer of awareness to help an individual call upon the guidance needed in the moment.

I have been working with my clients on a variety of issues lately and something came to me about the “loss” in my own life.  So I began to write things down and I can remember loss starting at age 15, with the loss of my maternal grandfather who was my “everything”.  Even after his passing his loved continued to pour in to me.   The “loss” of a relationship with my father started at age 18 and continues to this day.  My intuition knew something was not right and it continued to show up and when I voiced my thoughts of “knowing” something was off, he became more angry.  The “loss” of my first love, no sense of closure was provided in that relationship at age 18 so I lived in the “what the hell happened” mode of my existence and tried to plow through.   Majority of my loss has brought great insight and some just damn bitterness.

My freshman year in college I met a great woman who lived across the hall from me and my roommate. Her nickname was “Bob” and we got along great.  It was time to leave to go home for Thanksgiving break and I had this urge to continue to talk to her and she was lingering as well and told me to hit the road.  So I did and I felt very uneasy about leaving.  Bob didn’t return to school; instead her mother took her life and her sister’s as well as her own.  A family suicide!  To sit here and read those words now some 20 years later it still brings tears to my eyes and heart ache.  It was like losing a sister!  I sat in my room thinking she would be arriving and never did.    My 3 years of college I was in the same dorm room and each year I came back I felt her presence around the halls.  It was hard to see someone else actually living in the room; Bob could never be replaced!

Loss is tragic!   Loss is painful!  Loss provides lessons!  Loss keeps showing up in my life and for some who feel I am weak — no, I just feel things times 100!  And need to process it, and sometimes I process much slower, like molasses leaving the jar.

In a recent client appointment I needed to share the acryonm of FEAR

  • False
  • Evidence
  • Appearing
  • Real

Some of us make up this scenerio that is the “what if” and not reality.  And our minds just go to that dark space and the worry that shows up just creates so much internal ick!  As a yoga instructor all I ask is … if it ain’t real then do your best in the moment to breathe deeply and move out of that thought process!

Anxiety is something that I am familiar with; when changes occur quickly in my life I have panic that fills me to the brim and I retreat inward to handle it.  Most of my day I am “on” with others and making them feel awesome (which is VERY rewarding).  However, when FEAR shows up for me it is like a destructive internal battle.  Then I plow through it on my own and Viola … life is balanced again.

I will leave you with a famous quote from Lao-Tzu that I always return to….

Lao Tzu quote anxiety peace

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  1. Robin Hampton says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this, Amy. I just listened to another cd set with Pema Chodron about this same subject, and am grateful for your support and wisdom as well as the others who are appearing at the right time.

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