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Have you found yourself suffering from depression, anxiety or diagnosed with PTSD and ready to make a change for 2017?

I have suffered from depression over 20 years and what I have come to realize in my work with my mentor and teacher Anodea Judith and my Healing Touch Certification process, is that it is time that I take back my POWER!   Does that resonate for you as well?

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In my certification process with world renown author and presenter, Anodea Judith Ph.D., I have realized that in my 20’s I was listening to more people around me on how “I should be”.   Most experience traumatic events in their childhood and I really feel I had a wonderful childhood.  It was in my late teen years that I started to experience more “pain and suffering”; loss of grandfather to whom I was close to, verbally abuse, loss of my first love, going away to college and loss of a college friend.  This concept of loss was intensely felt for me.

I now know my “depression” was because I was having to distinguish between what were my feelings and what was someone else’s.   This is now known as being a Highly Sensitive Person (read the book by Elaine Aron) or an Empath (feels others aches, pains and emotions) depending on the person.   What is wonderful for me as a healer and yoga instructor, I can work with my clients and get to their issues faster by feeling what is going on.  It is a wonderful gift that I have and I am glad I understand it now as a Healing Touch Practitioner.

As we age, we really tap into our gifts and it is my pleasure to share my “gifts” with YOU!

Are you ready to shake some stuff free from your life, Release the Issues from  your Tissues as my mentor says?!

Take this opportunity to enjoy a 30 minute FREE consultation from the comfort of your own home as we do either a Skype or FaceTime conversation to make a change to help you improve upon what feels missing in your life.

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