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Have you found yourself suffering from depression, anxiety or diagnosed with PTSD and ready to make a change for 2017?

I have suffered from depression over 20 years and what I have come to realize in my work with my mentor and teacher Anodea Judith and my Healing Touch Certification process, is that it is time that I take back my POWER!   Does that resonate for you as well?

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In my certification process with world renown author and presenter, Anodea Judith Ph.D., I have realized that in my 20’s I was listening to more people around me on how “I should be”.   Most experience traumatic events in their childhood and I really feel I had a wonderful childhood.  It was in my late teen years that I started to experience more “pain and suffering”; loss of grandfather to whom I was close to, verbally abuse, loss of my first love, going away to college and loss of a college friend.  This concept of loss was intensely felt for me.

I now know my “depression” was because I was having to distinguish between what were my feelings and what was someone else’s.   This is now known as being a Highly Sensitive Person (read the book by Elaine Aron) or an Empath (feels others aches, pains and emotions) depending on the person.   What is wonderful for me as a healer and yoga instructor, I can work with my clients and get to their issues faster by feeling what is going on.  It is a wonderful gift that I have and I am glad I understand it now as a Healing Touch Practitioner.

As we age, we really tap into our gifts and it is my pleasure to share my “gifts” with YOU!

Are you ready to shake some stuff free from your life, Release the Issues from  your Tissues as my mentor says?!

Take this opportunity to enjoy a 30 minute FREE consultation from the comfort of your own home as we do either a Skype or FaceTime conversation to make a change to help you improve upon what feels missing in your life.

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Anodea Judith helping change people lives!

Push in the Right Direction

KJ testimonialIn the last year and a half studying with Anodea Judith I have been putting a variety of the tools into motion working with my clients.  I have found that all of her classes provide beautiful ways of getting to the CORE of the problem that keeps us stuck in a place and we need assistance to dig out.  However how many of you feel like you are alone and can’t get a foot to move forward to take you out of that hole that you have dug even deeper just reading this!

Well great news — the choice is yours to dig out of the hole and ask for help!   

Mind Body Integration Workshop with Anodea Judith

World Renown Author – Anodea Judith live and in person in Phoenix!

Anodea Judith will be teaching a four and a half-day Mind Body Integration Training Intensive in Phoenix Metro Area from 09/15-09/19/16.

Anodea JudithEveryone seems to know about chakras these days – at least as a concept – but do they really know the ins and outs of activating, balancing, and healing using the model of the Chakra System as the profound formula for wholeness that it is?

This elegant map to human consciousness is not only a ladder of liberation for achieving higher states of awareness, but an opening into our own deep psyche, with all its issues and illuminations, from its depths to its heights.

Finding the Balance

Think of it this way: Your body is like the hardware of a computer, while your mind is like the software—programmed into you since the day you were born. The software contains your memories, your beliefs, your habits, and your thoughts. Some of that programming was unconscious, installed before you could even think or question.

Some of that programming includes the things you’ve studied, the realizations you’ve had, the beliefs you’ve chosen for yourself. All of that programming runs your life.

What enables the hardware and software to work together is the vital life force, prana, or energy. Without that, the hardware and software, or mind and body, have no way to interface—just like when your cell phone battery goes dead.

Without the vital “juice” going through the system, your phone is useless, no matter how fancy the model, or how many photos you’ve loaded onto it. It needs that electricity, just like we need prana to run through our system.

Vibrating Into Expression

The software or programming tells the energy where to go in the body or hardware—what to access. It may tell us to hold in our belly, to keep quiet, to be careful, or that we’re not safe. This then shapes the hardware, or the body itself, which forms around the energy of the chakras. Most of this is unconscious, yet can be seen in our activities or the way our life works (or doesn’t).

The chakras are organizational centers for the reception, assimilation, and expression of that life force energy. Each one works on a different level, from the root chakra that processes all our survival programs, to our emotions, actions, relationships, communications, visions and beliefs.

You could say that each chakra stores programs for these essential levels of being. Just like a computer, these programs can have bugs in them, resulting in problems in your life, and issues in your tissues.

Releasing the Blocks

Chakras also contain gateways into and out of your core. They regulate what gets in and what gets out.  Defenses block the chakras by blocking the gates in order to keep energy out or to keep energy in. Then our consciousness gets caught in the blocks, and is no longer in the free flow of awareness and experience. That can render a chakra out of balance, which usually takes the form of being excessive or deficient.

When a chakra is blocked, a person lives in the frustration and suffering of the block and cannot access their core. The internal gears that move and regulate energy up and down the core get sluggish. This creates further defenses, discomfort, and eventually illness, addiction, or dysfunctional behavior.

Restoring the Sacred

Chakra Therapy looks at the physical body, the human psyche, and the flow of the life force as a result of our past conditioning. As each of the chakras contains a vital key to unlocking the life force, Chakra Therapy uses tools from Yoga and Bioenergetics, (the healing of the human psyche through the energetic process of the body) as well as models of childhood development, to root out these unconscious programs, move the energy to new places in the body, and bring not only understanding and awareness, but greater aliveness and freedom.

My book, Eastern Body, Western Mind, presents the theory behind all this, while the the live experience of workshops bring that theory home to your own body and life.

Learn more in person at my four and a half -day Mind Body Integration Training Intensive in Phoenix Metro area.


About the Author

Anodea Judith, Ph.D. is a groundbreaking thought leader, best-selling author and the director of Sacred Centers, a teaching organization of transformational wisdom. She holds a doctoral degree in Psychology and Human Health, is a 500-hour registered yoga teacher (E-RYT), and has engaged in lifelong studies in psychology, mythology, sociology, history, systems theory, evolution, and comparative religion. She teaches and lectures worldwide.

Anodea Judith

Call In Your Angels – You are NOT Alone!

Angels Angels Everywhere… You are NOT Alone!

Recently I have been calling in my Angels for support and been reviewing my favorite book (shown above) to give me better guidance in this thing we call Life!  

Yoga for your Heart

Yoga for your Heart

2015-02-14 19.38.31As we wind down Valentine’s and a time full of love, I am pondering why does one day out of the year have to promote more love than any other day?

We are each to be filled with love and a time to create awareness on a daily basis and to assist in Self- Love and Compassion toward all.  Life is full of lessons and one that I have enjoyed getting reacquainted with is compassion toward Self.

Yoga Ithaka – testimonial from a student

“Have Ithaka always in your mind,

Your arrival there is what you are destined for.

But don’t in the least hurry the journey.

Better it last for years”………Cavafy



Jayne before & after TriangleMy yoga Ithaka began a year ago.  Upon urging by a friend, a 15 year Yogi, I reluctantly agreed to try it.  To say I had preconceptions is an understatement.  I believed twisting my 5’10” body into Gumby positions would end my entry into the world of yoga at once. 

Cold feet? Get them ‘Crocs’ to warm them up!

‘Crocs’ keep ya cozy!

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Are Crocs the most attractive shoes on the earth – not to many people – but I will say for this yogini they are great!

Freezing temps in the desert is unusual but it sure is great to slip these on in a hurry. (Because leaving at 6:30 am to teach yoga is a bit much on those cold winter days!)

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New Year, New You! Resolutions vs. ReSOULutions!

Resolve to Evolve!  Resolutions vs. ReSOULutions!

happy-new-yearNew Year Resolutions is not something I “feel”.  I don’t go along with the masses on this one, or a lot of things for that matter.   There are too many things I like, and yes not all are always the best for me.

What I feel at the New Year is a time of reflection on what worked the year before and what didn’t. What was learned and what outcomes were revealed.  What does your SOUL say to you?   Can you get out of your own way to be able to hear what it says?  

Savasana = Nap Time

Savasana = Nap time

AZ Biltmore Hotel

AZ Biltmore Hotel

At the end of a yoga practice you should feel like you are ready to just lay down and rest, cuz  you have been moving and cranking out yoga postures that you are not use to doing.

Thus, Savasana (sha-va-san-ah) was created!  I refer to Savasana as Nap Time because the goal is to lay down and rest.

Note I said Goal!

For many it is a time to do just that, for others it is the time they look at their watch or tap their fingernails or feel absolutely tortured!  

Cough during yoga practice – is that normal?

Feel a Cough coming on during Yoga Practice

tickle in throatI had a student ask me the other day after class, Is it normal to feel like I need to cough during yoga?

My response was – sometimes depending on what you need to say, either to yourself or to others.

The throat is your 5th Chakra (energy center) and this is the voice/words we say to ourselves and to others.  If we are constantly swallowing or coughing or have the tickle like we need to cough that is the activation of this energy center.