India Trip Video – October 2014

India Trip Video

India trip planned for October 17-28, 2014 and this video might help explain a few more things.  It is a very exciting adventure to travel to such distances but I tell you this is AMAZING experience!

I went May 2013 with the MBA students from Wake Forest University and I am using the same local travel organization.  Incredibly safe, amazing accommodations and food … well do I need to tell you how amazing an authentic Indian curry is!?!?

Questions – email me at and I will answer all questions you might have.  Itinerary and pricing are listed on my website  and you can see – never a dull moment.  I am a believer in some down time and we will have that as well but get ready to enjoy morning and evening yoga classes by yours truly and motor coach rides to  each destination.  You won’t be disappointed!  Promise!



Whistler, British Columbia Canada

Whistler, British Columbia Canada

Expectations SUCK!

Over the last 40 years of my life I have come to realize that I have expectations of myself and others.  I think it comes from the expectations that my parents had of me growing up.  Have this type of grade, have this type of friend, run fast, shoot the ball, take up roller skating, play piano, don’t talk back (or I will put soap in your mouth).

Go snow skiing at one of the highest mountains in North America (thinking you are still 15 and can do it with no problem! Damn skippy I did – with a mild panic attack on my way down and huge laughter after that)

It is interesting how you begin to note the changes in your life as you start to awaken Spirit.

What I LOVE about Yoga

What I LOVE about Yoga

There are so many things that I love about teaching yoga and doing yoga over the last 16 years…

I LOVE the feeling at the end of class where you are “floaty” and calm and just noticing the quietness of breath.

I LOVE the fact that as a teacher people show up to take my classes and for those beginners, you are the best because you truly SHOWED UP!  That is the hardest part of yoga – taking the chance to try it out.

Follow on Thumbtack

Follow on Thumbtack

thumbtack logoIf you have taken a yoga class from me you can write a review on, whether it is an in person or online class I would love  to have you share your experience and write a testimonial. has brought more attention to my yoga class offerings and awareness of my online classes.

Yoga Lessons

There are so many industries shown in Thumbtack and you might find a good resource for a project or event you are working on.   It is offered in several states and Arizona is included in that list.

Types of Yoga Amy Online Classes

Types of Yoga Amy Online Classes

Types of Yoga Amy Online Classes offer a variety of styles or types of yoga formats.   I am often asked what are the differences between them.

So here is the low-down on my classes from easy to hard:

Relaxation classes are to provide you the opportunity to meditate or  if you have problems falling asleep these videos will allow you the opportunity to rest.

Legs up the wallRestorative Yoga is the easiest style of yoga.  You will use yoga props to support your body while on the ground.  This is a very relaxing format and meditative.  I encourage you to have some soft music that you can relax with and enjoy the resting postures that help you rejuvenate.  Many of the postures are held between 8-15 minutes.

Yin Yoga is a step up from restorative.  Majority postures are on the floor, however they are a deeper stretch and you ease into them to take the stretch deeper.  Many of the postures are held between 5-10 minutes each and you feel AWESOME when you finish the practice.

Medicare Note: for your parents & grandparents

AARP Medicare Note… to be Aware Of

Maui - December 2011

Maui – December 2011

A few of us are getting to this age where we are having to look for nursing homes for grandparents and understand about what our parents wishes are for their life.

My mother and I just had a conversation based on a blurb in the AARP magazine from June 2014 on page 29:

“Medicare patients who end up in a skilled nursing facility after a short stay in the hospital can be in for a huge shock: Medicare won’t cover the bill for post-hospital care.   The reason?  The hospital put them under “observation status” rather than admitting them, and Medicare currently requires an “inpatient” hospital stay of at least 3 days before it will cover skilled nursing care.”

The key words from above are: observation status vs. admitting (inpatient).

Posture: Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog incorrect top vs. correct bottom

Downward Facing Dog
incorrect top vs. correct bottom

Many people have heard of this yoga posture and men always make jokes about it & wouldn’t naked yoga be awesome.  (I digress)  But let me tell you … the first few times you do Downward Facing Dog — it feels like sh**!   Downward facing dog is a yoga pose you come to LOVE!

At first however …

If you have wrist pain = it hurts

If you are tight in your back, hamstrings or hips = it hurts

If you have arthritis = it hurts

So why do it?   Because after a few more times and holding it longer and longer it FEELS AWESOME!  #yogaisawesome

The first few things when you look at this photo of me, the top photo to start with (bad dog):   my elbows are locked, my head is dropped, my back is arched and my hamstrings are shortening.

All preventing me to have fun in this pose and lengthen!

Courage in Communication

Out of Darkness is Growth – Courage in Communication

4 years old - Yoga Amy learning to water ski

4 years old – Yoga Amy learning to water ski

I recently wrote a blog about a quote “mentally died at 25, physically died at 75″ and tied in “he’s just not that into you”.

Right now I am watching an episode of Suits in First Season and it is an ex-husband telling his ex-wife that he was sorry he lied to her about an affair and that he didn’t have the Courage to tell her the truth.

Recently I heard about a couple who separated and out of separation sparks anger and sometimes rage.  Rage is about the control you are searching for.  But reality is we don’t Control anything.  What we do control is how we react to situations.   You can have so much anger that it can harm you physically and mentally and break you down emotionally.

It is a choice on how you want to move forward in your own life as you separate from another.

Eat Right For Your Blood Type

Diets Aren’t For Everyone – Eat Right for Your Blood Type for your Food Lifestyle

When I first started teaching yoga I met this amazing yoga teacher in St. Louis who guided me to see this fabulous chiropractor who worked with me on neuro-emotional release technique (NET).  He introduced me to this book Eat Right For Your Blood Type.   At first I was curious how your blood could make a change in your diet and eating the appropriate things and your energy levels.


So I bought the book and he had a test kit to tell me what my blood type was (B).  I assumed that everyone in my family was a B so I just read that portion.  Later on I found out that no my mom was different and so was my father (I wonder who our mailman was then ….)

Anyway as I started to read through the brief description about each blood type I found that for a “B” type they are typically Asian.   OK to say the least I laughed out loud as I am a tall white girl!  However I LOVE everything Asian!  Feng shui, simple art, Buddhism, temples, yoga, Buddha figures, Ganesha, you name it!

After reading through that description I then decided to review the best foods for me to eat.  Many of them I loved.  A few I had never tried.  Thus began my journey.  This was back in 2000.

Now jump ahead to 2014 and I am picking up my book again.  I got off the path and need to reevaluate things.  I enjoy cooking and trying out new things.  I don’t use white flour when I bake personally but I do purchase premade things that have white flour in them.  This is the first change that I will create again!

So get off the sugars, get off the white flour and find that energy again.

If you feel sluggish and blah and need a nap mid afternoon; review your food intake and ponder getting the book above.  click this link to read more about the book.


New Summer Activity

Summer Fun-New Summer Activity!

Isn’t life grand!

Summer is here and I think I have found my new summer activity – kayaking!    I miss the summers at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri, as a kid I learned to water ski at age 4 and playing on my Waverunner as a teen (and getting pulled over by water patrol & followed by cute boys).   Ahhh the good ole days!