“These are products that I love and use in my classes and will also use during the online classes posted. They are offered by a company that I respect.”  Yoga Amy

To order any of these products please click on the description.


Supportive Rectangular Bolster   Supportive Rectangular Bolster





Manduka amazon image 85″ Long Yoga Mat

     (is my favorite because I am tall)








10 inch strap

                                      8′ Cotton Cinch Strap





Foam Blocks

                    Foam Blocks 

Recommend to purchase 2 per person





Wide Foam Wedge              Foam Wedge

Recommend to purchase for those with wrist issues or squats are too                       difficult




Solid Mexican Blankets

                    Mexican Cotton Blankets

Recommend to have between 2-4 per person





Many of the props above are a great resource to have, especially if you have any physical challenges or enjoy the restorative or yin formats.  Having these items available for your home practice will allow you to have easy access to the yoga classes at home.  If you are traveling you will be able to modify with items nearby in your new space.

Often when you are traveling you will have to be resourceful on making a change.   At the beginning of each video it states which props are needed.   Feel free to put the video on PAUSE to gather your props needed and then set yourself up accordingly.

Enjoy your practice!