Yoga for your Heart

Yoga for your Heart

2015-02-14 19.38.31As we wind down Valentine’s and a time full of love, I am pondering why does one day out of the year have to promote more love than any other day?

We are each to be filled with love and a time to create awareness on a daily basis and to assist in Self- Love and Compassion toward all.  Life is full of lessons and one that I have enjoyed getting reacquainted with is compassion toward Self.

February-Heart Health Month Guest Blog – Donna

#9 photoFebruary-Heart Health Month

Guest Blogger – Donna Harmony Jones

As a nurse, I encourage all of you to learn everything you can to care for your physical health. There is a great deal of excellent information available about physical heart health.  While doing so I encourage you as well, as a holistic nurse and energy therapist, to explore ways to care for your emotional heart as well.

I have written about allowing yourself to grieve quite a bit already.  Today I want to talk about self love.