Call In Your Angels – You are NOT Alone!

Angels Angels Everywhere… You are NOT Alone!

Recently I have been calling in my Angels for support and been reviewing my favorite book (shown above) to give me better guidance in this thing we call Life!  

Do You Ever Feel Like You Lost Your Sense of Direction? Guest Blogger – Donna

#5 Go confidently in the direction of your dreamsDo you ever feel like you have lost your sense of direction…like you don’t know which way to go?

(Part 1)

This morning while doing yoga my mind was on my writing. I am working on a book idea I conceived in 1995, about recovery from a stress induced health crisis.

My thoughts went to being a nurse since 1978, working for years in mainstream medicine, then moving in a new direction in my work after I chose to explore and utilize ‘alternative’ and ‘complementary therapies rather than take the mainstream track in my recovery process, ultimately leading me in a new direction as a wellness educator and holistic nurse.

A Child’s Love – Guest Blogger Donna

John and MirandaWhen the doctor told my husband he had only a few weeks or months to live, we drove 1000 miles to stay with our daughter. My husband enrolled in a hospice program there and proceeded to spend his remaining days visiting friends and spending time with the family.   My granddaughter, Miranda, was 5 at the time. She adored John, and the feeling was mutual.

Do you allow yourself to grieve all your losses? Guest Blog – Donna

#2 pillow too wetHave you ever noticed how you feel when you are holding your feelings inside?

What is supportive when you are grieving?

Grieving is defined as ‘the process of an emotional life adjustment you go through following a loss’. Acknowledging and expressing grief is an essential part of our inherent healing process. No one teaches us how to grieve; it’s a personal process with no set time frame for completion.