Yoga for your Heart

Yoga for your Heart

2015-02-14 19.38.31As we wind down Valentine’s and a time full of love, I am pondering why does one day out of the year have to promote more love than any other day?

We are each to be filled with love and a time to create awareness on a daily basis and to assist in Self- Love and Compassion toward all.  Life is full of lessons and one that I have enjoyed getting reacquainted with is compassion toward Self.

Be True to Yourself – guest blogger Donna

To Your Own Self Be True-Stress Busting

Donna Harmony Jones

Knowing yourself and being true to yourself is key in the search for achieving your highest potential in health and well-being, in every dimension as a human being, and managing stress. This is especially crucial as we go through this life of human ‘doing’.

I am one of those folks who believe that stress really is at the root of 99 % of all illness, injury and disease.

If you asked me to give you JUST ONE stress busting tip, I would have to say, first and foremost…

                                                            Know what YOUR stressors are

2014 here we go!

intention for 2014  yoga allianceI have never been a great “partier”.  So my ideal New Year’s Eve celebration is at home with my blanket on the sofa watching some TV while sipping a glass of wine.   I prefer the comfort of my home and sometimes I have shared with friends out, sometimes at a house party, and most of my New Year’s are about reflection on what I have accomplished.   I once even quit a job on NYE at 11:55 pm before the new year started.  That was done via text and actually very liberating.

As you start your 2014 create a list of your goals.  In yoga we refer to these “goals” as your Intention.  I think because I have been in the business world too long that I prefer the word Goal.   In sports you make a goal and score!