New Year, New You! Resolutions vs. ReSOULutions!

Resolve to Evolve!  Resolutions vs. ReSOULutions!

happy-new-yearNew Year Resolutions is not something I “feel”.  I don’t go along with the masses on this one, or a lot of things for that matter.   There are too many things I like, and yes not all are always the best for me.

What I feel at the New Year is a time of reflection on what worked the year before and what didn’t. What was learned and what outcomes were revealed.  What does your SOUL say to you?   Can you get out of your own way to be able to hear what it says?  

The Power of Intention – Guest Blogger Donna

#8 Go confidently in the direction of your dreamsThe Power of Intention

Guest Blogger – Donna Harmony-Jones

I did not create New Year Resolutions. I haven’t done so in many years. I release the prior year, bring forth valuable lessons learned, and create a vision or intention for the upcoming year. I began this process last year at a Winter Solstice gathering and set the intention to move forward further into my true self.

2014 here we go!

intention for 2014  yoga allianceI have never been a great “partier”.  So my ideal New Year’s Eve celebration is at home with my blanket on the sofa watching some TV while sipping a glass of wine.   I prefer the comfort of my home and sometimes I have shared with friends out, sometimes at a house party, and most of my New Year’s are about reflection on what I have accomplished.   I once even quit a job on NYE at 11:55 pm before the new year started.  That was done via text and actually very liberating.

As you start your 2014 create a list of your goals.  In yoga we refer to these “goals” as your Intention.  I think because I have been in the business world too long that I prefer the word Goal.   In sports you make a goal and score!