What I LOVE about Yoga

What I LOVE about Yoga

There are so many things that I love about teaching yoga and doing yoga over the last 16 years…

I LOVE the feeling at the end of class where you are “floaty” and calm and just noticing the quietness of breath.

I LOVE the fact that as a teacher people show up to take my classes and for those beginners, you are the best because you truly SHOWED UP!  That is the hardest part of yoga – taking the chance to try it out.

Follow on Thumbtack

Follow on Thumbtack

thumbtack logoIf you have taken a yoga class from me you can write a review on, whether it is an in person or online class I would love  to have you share your experience and write a testimonial. has brought more attention to my yoga class offerings and awareness of my online classes.

Yoga Lessons

There are so many industries shown in Thumbtack and you might find a good resource for a project or event you are working on.   It is offered in several states and Arizona is included in that list.

Types of Yoga Amy Online Classes

Types of Yoga Amy Online Classes

Types of Yoga Amy Online Classes offer a variety of styles or types of yoga formats.   I am often asked what are the differences between them.

So here is the low-down on my classes from easy to hard:

Relaxation classes are to provide you the opportunity to meditate or  if you have problems falling asleep these videos will allow you the opportunity to rest.

Legs up the wallRestorative Yoga is the easiest style of yoga.  You will use yoga props to support your body while on the ground.  This is a very relaxing format and meditative.  I encourage you to have some soft music that you can relax with and enjoy the resting postures that help you rejuvenate.  Many of the postures are held between 8-15 minutes.

Yin Yoga is a step up from restorative.  Majority postures are on the floor, however they are a deeper stretch and you ease into them to take the stretch deeper.  Many of the postures are held between 5-10 minutes each and you feel AWESOME when you finish the practice.

A few of Yoga Amy favorite things…

Oh how I love to share fun things

yogaamy video websiteTry out for online yoga classes! If you have an interest in yoga but not interested in going to a class with others, then my online series of classes is just for you!  has a variety of styles of practices for those who can’t get on the floor all the way to those who are very active. My teaching style is clear, concise and fun!

I strive to get you to giggle at least once during a practice (that is, if you are paying attention!)

If you are at work – then try out a Chair Yoga Class.

If you need a relaxing practice then try the Yin or Restorative practices.   Sometimes I combine the two styles!