Call In Your Angels – You are NOT Alone!

Angels Angels Everywhere… You are NOT Alone!

Recently I have been calling in my Angels for support and been reviewing my favorite book (shown above) to give me better guidance in this thing we call Life!  

What’s Creativity Got To Do With It? Guest Blogger – Jesse

#1 creativity imageHow often have you tried to force your way through something? Have you focused so hard on trying to find a solution, only to find yourself standing in the same place; stuck?  Have you ever thought you didn’t have time to play or indulge in stepping outside of a schedule or other boundaries?

Yoga + Being “cool”

soar high quote Doreen Virtue

After I graduated high school, one of my favorite teachers told me that she realized that I was kind to everyone and after I graduated people would ask about how I was doing in college.  I wasn’t part of a particular crowd or ran with the same people.    I was not sure what to do with this comment when she told this at age 19.    Now here I am some 20 years later and I ponder her comment as I am being told by other adults that I need to move into the “cool crowd”.