New Year, New You! Resolutions vs. ReSOULutions!

Resolve to Evolve!  Resolutions vs. ReSOULutions!

happy-new-yearNew Year Resolutions is not something I “feel”.  I don’t go along with the masses on this one, or a lot of things for that matter.   There are too many things I like, and yes not all are always the best for me.

What I feel at the New Year is a time of reflection on what worked the year before and what didn’t. What was learned and what outcomes were revealed.  What does your SOUL say to you?   Can you get out of your own way to be able to hear what it says?  

How can I support you? observation

YogaAmy here asking “how can I support you?”  

support one anotherToday I was in a workshop about Intuition and I have to say the most wonderful question that kept showing up in the workbook – who do you have in your life that supports you?

I think for so many people there is this sense of independence, that we don’t need support (both men and women).   But the truth is whether you are married, single or in a relationship we all need support. However, do you ever ask for support?