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Feel your Charge and Discharge!

Anodea JudithWhhhatttt do you mean I hold a CHARGE of energy when someone cuts me off in the grocery store and my dagger eyes don’t show a discharge?   Or when my spouse just really digs into me about spending money on something and my anger gets stored into my body???

Whhhhaaatttttt are you talking about!   Amy you are freakin’ crazy! (yep and I own my craziness!)

Types of Yoga Amy Online Classes

Types of Yoga Amy Online Classes

Types of Yoga Amy Online Classes offer a variety of styles or types of yoga formats.   I am often asked what are the differences between them.

So here is the low-down on my classes from easy to hard:

Relaxation classes are to provide you the opportunity to meditate or  if you have problems falling asleep these videos will allow you the opportunity to rest.

Legs up the wallRestorative Yoga is the easiest style of yoga.  You will use yoga props to support your body while on the ground.  This is a very relaxing format and meditative.  I encourage you to have some soft music that you can relax with and enjoy the resting postures that help you rejuvenate.  Many of the postures are held between 8-15 minutes.

Yin Yoga is a step up from restorative.  Majority postures are on the floor, however they are a deeper stretch and you ease into them to take the stretch deeper.  Many of the postures are held between 5-10 minutes each and you feel AWESOME when you finish the practice.

Courage in Communication

Out of Darkness is Growth – Courage in Communication

4 years old - Yoga Amy learning to water ski

4 years old – Yoga Amy learning to water ski

I recently wrote a blog about a quote “mentally died at 25, physically died at 75″ and tied in “he’s just not that into you”.

Right now I am watching an episode of Suits in First Season and it is an ex-husband telling his ex-wife that he was sorry he lied to her about an affair and that he didn’t have the Courage to tell her the truth.

Recently I heard about a couple who separated and out of separation sparks anger and sometimes rage.  Rage is about the control you are searching for.  But reality is we don’t Control anything.  What we do control is how we react to situations.   You can have so much anger that it can harm you physically and mentally and break you down emotionally.

It is a choice on how you want to move forward in your own life as you separate from another.

Some Things You Will Just Miss

Memory Lane

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASometimes a walk down memory lane is great, and sometimes it wakes up that wave of emotion inside ya.   I have been cleaning up my computer today to get ready to do a back up of my files and came across old photos and a brisk walk down memory lane.

This photo tugged at my heart however.  In the age of digital photos I have access to things from 2005 to present.  Anything before that I don’t have easy access to and heck that is probably a good thing.

These 2 sets of hands show a time in my life where I started to trust (the same person) again.   The year this photo was taken was in 2009 and he broke my heart in 2001 and yet again in 2009.  

Out of Darkness is Growth

I mentally died at 25 & was in this body until 75 when I physically died.

from darkness is growthLife happens.  Yeah yeah yeah…

We get it – but at what point do you learn the lesson that allows you to “feel” again?

I recently saw the above quote on a post in the Facebook wonderland and it got me thinking about life lessons and things I have seen and what I have experienced.

The heart aches, heart breaks and the lessons that move you forward.

Emotional breakdowns

Being Vulnerable During Your Practice

emotional breakdownsAs I am watching this season of Dancing with the Stars, it is at the point in the competition where everyone is having emotional breakdowns.  I see how the professional dancers deal with the “actors” in these emotional breakdowns.  So much starts going through the mind when you experience a challenge and instead of opening up to the emotional flood immediately we are trained to stuff it all down and deal with it later and not be vulnerable.

Throwback Thursday – She is all LEGS

TBT  age 12I have always been all legs and this TBT photo proves that!  I think I was around 11 or 12 in this photo and sure does bring back memories.   We had just moved into this neighborhood and starting either 5th or 6th grade.  I met some amazing friends from that neighborhood and it has been fun to catch up with them through Facebook.  It is amazing how in school we may not have been friends but as adults we have quite a bit of similarities.  

Fun times growing up!

Reconnecting has been even better!

Do You Ever Feel Like You Lost Your Sense of Direction? Guest Blogger – Donna

#5 Go confidently in the direction of your dreamsDo you ever feel like you have lost your sense of direction…like you don’t know which way to go?

(Part 1)

This morning while doing yoga my mind was on my writing. I am working on a book idea I conceived in 1995, about recovery from a stress induced health crisis.

My thoughts went to being a nurse since 1978, working for years in mainstream medicine, then moving in a new direction in my work after I chose to explore and utilize ‘alternative’ and ‘complementary therapies rather than take the mainstream track in my recovery process, ultimately leading me in a new direction as a wellness educator and holistic nurse.