A few of Yoga Amy favorite things…

Oh how I love to share fun things

yogaamy video websiteTry out for online yoga classes! If you have an interest in yoga but not interested in going to a class with others, then my online series of classes is just for you!  has a variety of styles of practices for those who can’t get on the floor all the way to those who are very active. My teaching style is clear, concise and fun!

I strive to get you to giggle at least once during a practice (that is, if you are paying attention!)

If you are at work – then try out a Chair Yoga Class.

If you need a relaxing practice then try the Yin or Restorative practices.   Sometimes I combine the two styles!

YogaAmy Easy Yoga Backbends then & now

YogaAmy says … you gots to LOVE moving the spine in reverse – STOP – backbend time!

Amy CobraUp-dog (Circa 2002) just hands and feet on the floor and lifting action from waist to crown of the head.   If you dump into your low back you will not be a happy camper!

YogaAmy Throwback Thursday – William Woods University

TBT WWC amy feeding ducks age 4My mother grew up a few blocks away from William Woods College (now William Woods University) and my grandfather use to take me there to feed the ducks at the pond they had on site and the beautiful bridge that took you across to the other side.  

Throwback Thursday – Adventureland

TBT Disneyland 1990One of the best vacations my mom, dad and I took was last minute trip to Disney World – it was parent – teacher conference weekend in early November and we decided at the last minute to try it out.  LOVED that my dad was a commercial pilot – those last minute trips were the best!

So off we went and didn’t have to wait in lines, or deal with the masses of people!

Mom and I have always said “it is still Adventureland”!

Our last minute trips are always the best!

After my parents separated, my mom, grandma and I spent our first Christmas together in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  We took a strand of Chili Pepper lights and strung them around the lamp in the hotel room and that was our Christmas tree.

What kind of impromptu “Adventureland” have you created for yourself and your family?

I dated a man once who said when he got into the car and his boys sat in the back they took turns calling out – Right, Left, Straight.   I have not done this one yet but plan on it!

May you experience many adventures in your lifetime and I look forward to hearing all about them!

The most fun location I have been to … (is where – comment below)

Throwback Thursday – She is all LEGS

TBT  age 12I have always been all legs and this TBT photo proves that!  I think I was around 11 or 12 in this photo and sure does bring back memories.   We had just moved into this neighborhood and starting either 5th or 6th grade.  I met some amazing friends from that neighborhood and it has been fun to catch up with them through Facebook.  It is amazing how in school we may not have been friends but as adults we have quite a bit of similarities.  

Fun times growing up!

Reconnecting has been even better!

Be True to Yourself – guest blogger Donna

To Your Own Self Be True-Stress Busting

Donna Harmony Jones

Knowing yourself and being true to yourself is key in the search for achieving your highest potential in health and well-being, in every dimension as a human being, and managing stress. This is especially crucial as we go through this life of human ‘doing’.

I am one of those folks who believe that stress really is at the root of 99 % of all illness, injury and disease.

If you asked me to give you JUST ONE stress busting tip, I would have to say, first and foremost…

                                                            Know what YOUR stressors are

Stop Light Gods Are With Me!

Don’t you love those days when you hit every single stop light green and life just moves forward effortlessly. Today I left my house 5 minutes earlier than I usually do to drive to teach my first yoga class and all 5 stop lights were green! I got to the studio location and so many eager smiling faces (who were clearly from colder climates!)

The joys of Arizona weather in February is our visitors this time of the year. With these crazy snow storms in the Midwest and East Coast all the guests here are just a delight to talk with. They are happy to see the sunshine and so eager for their yoga practice and down time on their vacations.